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    Characterization of polymer-fiber composite sheet retrofits for blast mitigation
    Chloramine and MIEX control of disinfection by-products formed from an alluvial aquifer water source
    Comparative study of type 2 median crossovers and median u-turns
    Comparison of nondestructive testing technologies used for inspection of welded joints
    Condition assessment of carbon fiber composites using raman spectroscopy
    Condition assessment of Kevlar composite materials using Raman spectroscopy
    Conservation and allocation of slope in gravity sanitary sewer design
    A constitutive model for fiber-reinforced soils
    Construction and tests of reinforced concrete floor slabs and reinforced concrete floor system
    Counteracting Traffic Congestion using Intelligent Driver Feedback
    Counteracting traffic congestion using intelligent driver feedback
    Data uncertainty in bridge management
    Decision support for slope construction and repair activities: an asset management building block
    Design of reinforced concrete settling basin for St. Joseph, MO
    Determination of low bacterial and viral concentrations in water and selective removal of pathogenic bacteria in water filtration systems
    Determination of probabilistic models for resistance of Missouri bridges
    Determining the relative effects of volumetric water content and dry density on the dielectric constant of soils
    Determining the viability and effectiveness of a roughing biofilter for use in drinking water treatment plants
    Development and application of variable rate irrigation techniques on non-uniform soils using center-pivot irrigation systems
    Development and application of vegetative buffer width modeling using geographic information systems