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    Determining the viability and effectiveness of a roughing biofilter for use in drinking water treatment plants
    Development and application of variable rate irrigation techniques on non-uniform soils using center-pivot irrigation systems
    Development and application of vegetative buffer width modeling using geographic information systems
    Development and evaluation of innovative iron-containing porous carbon adsorbents for arsenic removal
    Development and implementation of an underwater system for interface wave measurements
    Development of a large-scale traffic simulation model for hurricane evacuation: a case study of Virginia's Hampton Roads region
    Development of algal membrane bioreactor technology for wastewater treatment and polishing
    Development of implementation methods of water quality trading policy: using the Hydrological simulation program-Fortran (HSPF)
    Development of shear wave velocity profiles in the deep sediments of the Mississippi Embayment using surface wave and spectral ratio methods
    Development of solution techniques and design guidelines for equestrian trails on public lands
    Disposal of the east side sewage, Columbia, Mo.
    Dry weight and cell density of individual algal and cyanobacterial cells for algae research and development
    Durability of ternary blended cements in bridge applications
    Dynamic Capacity of Isolated Slab Column Specimens
    Effect of silver nanoparticles on planktonic and biofilm cell growth
    Effectiveness of work zone intelligent transportation systems (ITS)
    The effects of alkalinity, hardness, and pH on the formation potential of disinfection by-products
    Effects of calcium-rich additives on the small-strain modulus of representative subgrade soils in Missouri
    eHurricane Evacuation modeling - strategy evaluations and methodology enhancements
    Emissions of greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane from duckweed systems for stormwater treatment