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    The Effects of Alkalinity, Hardness, and pH on the Formation Potential of Disinfection By-Products [1]
    Environmental effects on subsurface defect detection in concrete structures using infrared thermography [1]
    Environmental effects on subsurface defect detection in concrete without solar load [1]
    Evaluation of a mechanical anchoring system to improve performance of carbon fiber reinforced polymer mitigated concrete slabs under close in blasts [1]
    Evaluation of alternative resistance mechanisms for progressive collapse [1]
    Evaluation of bioelectrochemical systems for wastewater treatment and sludge digestion [1]
    Evaluation of conventional steel stud walls for blast design [1]
    Evaluation of Ground-Based Interferometric Radar for Civil Engineering Applications [1]
    Evaluation of hybrid anchor system for blast resistant steel stud wall design [1]
    Evaluation of innovative materials subjected to near-contact detonations [1]
    Evaluation of J-turn design performance in Missouri [1]
    An evaluation of pre- and post-timber harvest water quality in low-order streams in the Missouri Ozarks [1]
    Evaluation of prestress losses in an innovative prestressed precast pavement system [1]
    Evaluation of stay-in-place PVC-formed concrete walls for blast design [1]
    Evaluation of tensile and compressive membrane action in isolated slab column specimen [1]
    Evaluation of the effectiveness of freeway traffic management systems using flow-occupancy diagrams and capacity analysis [1]
    Evaluation of the effects of in-plane lateral restraint and reinforcement ratio on the punching capacity of flat slab column specimens [1]
    Evaluation of the service performance of an innovative precast prestressed concrete pavement [1]
    Evaluation of wearing surface systems for the orthotropic steel deck of the San Mateo Hayward Bridge [1]
    Experimental evaluation and modeling of concrete masonry unit walls [1]