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    Flood protection Salt River Mo.
    Fluorescence spectroscopy and parallel factor analysis of waters from municipal waste sources
    Formation studies on N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) in natural waters
    Function-based condition indexing for guyed communication towers
    Geotextile separators for dust suppression on gravel roads
    Geotextile wrap-face wall using marginal backfill
    A GIS-based methodology for quantifying and comparing environmental justice impacts of infrastructure projects
    Guideline for implementing quality control and quality assurance for bridge inspection
    Identification and characterization of network paths
    Impact of metallic nanoparticles on anaerobic digestion
    Improved phosphorus removal in wastewater through combined bacterial and algal treatment
    Improving traffic flow conditions for interstate work-zones: evaluation of three traffic control devices
    Individual and competitive adsorption of MSMA and phosphate onto iron and non-iron soil
    Influence of site conditions on near-field effects in multi-channel surface wave measurements
    Insights into the first three diverging diamond interchanges in Missouri
    Instrumentation and early performance of an innovative prestressed precast pavement system
    Investigation of load transfer models for recycled plastic reinforcement for slope stabilization
    Kinetics of anaerobic digestion of selected C1 to C4 organic acids
    Knowledge discovery and data mining from freeway section traffic data
    Landscape analysis using GIS methodology for the evaluation and prediction of relationships of amphibian health in Missouri wetlands