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    Characterization of disinfection by-product precursors from Missouri streams [1]
    Characterization of polymer-fiber composite sheet retrofits for blast mitigation [1]
    Chloramine and MIEX control of disinfection by-products formed from an alluvial aquifer water source [1]
    Comparative study of type 2 median crossovers and median u-turns [1]
    Condition assessment of carbon fiber composites using raman spectroscopy [1]
    Condition assessment of Kevlar composite materials using Raman spectroscopy [1]
    Conservation and allocation of slope in gravity sanitary sewer design [1]
    A constitutive model for fiber-reinforced soils [1]
    Construction and tests of reinforced concrete floor slabs and reinforced concrete floor system [1]
    Counteracting Traffic Congestion using Intelligent Driver Feedback [1]
    Data uncertainty in bridge management [1]
    Decision support for slope construction and repair activities: an asset management building block [1]
    Design of reinforced concrete settling basin for St. Joseph, MO [1]
    Determination of low bacterial and viral concentrations in water and selective removal of pathogenic bacteria in water filtration systems [1]
    Determination of probabilistic models for resistance of Missouri bridges [1]
    Determining the relative effects of volumetric water content and dry density on the dielectric constant of soils [1]
    Determining the Viability and Effectiveness of a Roughing Biofilter for use in Drinking Water Treatment Plants [1]
    Development and application of variable rate irrigation techniques on non-uniform soils using center-pivot irrigation systems [1]
    Development and application of vegetative buffer width modeling using geographic information systems [1]
    Development and evaluation of innovative iron-containing porous carbon adsorbents for arsenic removal [1]