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    Laboratory load tests of side shear for axially loaded piles
    Landscape analysis using GIS methodology for the evaluation and prediction of relationships of amphibian health in Missouri wetlands
    Large scale modeling of precipitation induced landslides
    Laterally loaded drilled shafts from full scale field tests
    Link travel time estimation based on connected vehicle probe data
    Load and resistance factor design of drilled shafts at the service limit state
    Load and resistance factor design of drilled shafts in shale using SPT and TCP measurements
    Load and resistance factor design of drilled shafts in shale using Standard Penetration Test and Texas Cone Penetration test measurements
    Load transfer in micropiles for slope stabilization from tests of large-scale physical models
    Load transfer in reticulated and non-reticulated micropiles from large-scale tests
    Location of Wabash M.K. and T. cut off at Columbia, Missouri
    Location of Wabash-M.K. & T. cut-off at Columbia, Missouri
    Locks on deep waterways
    Long-term sensing system for bridge piers
    LRFD for settlement analyses of shallow foundations and embankments-developed resistance factors for consolidation settlement analyses
    Maintenance of traffic for innovative geometric design work zones and calibrating highway safety manual for Missouri interchanges
    Management of disinfection byproduct production in small drinking water systems
    Maximizing information for evaluation of incident management systems with an emphasis on secondary accidents
    Membrane wastewater treatment processes for improved nutrient removal and degradation of synthetic organic nitrogen compounds
    Metallic nanotoxicity to bacteria and bacteriophages