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    Maintenance of traffic for innovative geometric design work zones and calibrating highway safety manual for Missouri interchanges
    Management of DBP formation using enhanced treatment technologies and an array of prediction tools
    Management of disinfection byproduct production in small drinking water systems
    Maximizing information for evaluation of incident management systems with an emphasis on secondary accidents
    Membrane wastewater treatment processes for improved nutrient removal and degradation of synthetic organic nitrogen compounds
    Metallic nanotoxicity to bacteria and bacteriophages
    Methodology for quantifying wetland landscape parameters for highway right of way decisions utilizing GIS
    Methodology to optimize for pedestrian delay and vehicular delay in a signal network
    Model-based simulations of the piercing process in piezo-ICSI
    Modeling and design of explosion-resistant steel stud wall systems
    Modeling network vulnerability over space and time
    Modeling of environmental effects on thermal detection of subsurface damage for concrete bridges
    Modeling wetland connectivity and vulnerability to wetland-corridor loss
    Multiscale simulation of impact response between two microrods with different nano-structures
    Nitrification enhancement in lagoons using fixed film media
    Nitrification performance of a modified aerated lagoon
    Non-destructive evaluation of wood utility poles using computed axial tomography imaging
    Nondestructive evaluation for hybrid-composite girder bridges
    Nonlinear finite element modeling and characterization of guyed towers under severe loading
    Novel methods for preparation of modified 1-dimensional nanomaterials of titanium dioxide for environmental engineering applications