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    Occurrence and modeling of THMS and HAA formation in drinking water
    Operational analysis of cross-country trips on rail in Vietnam
    Optimization of aeration schemes and motor and blower usage for wastewater treatment
    Optimization of chemical dosing in water treatment for enhanced coagulation/softening as it pertains to DBP removal
    Optimization of soil mixtures in bioretention cells to reduce nutrient loading to the environment from storm water
    A Particle-Based Multi-Scale Simulation Procedure within the Material Point Method Framework
    Pattern recognition based microsimulation calibration and innovative traffic representations
    Performance analysis of parallel flow intersection and displaced left turn intersection designs
    Performance observations of geosynthetic reinforced bridge abutments
    Performance of the laminated glass systems under static and blast pressure loading
    Point target interferometry as applied to the characterization of localized deformation features
    Pre-harvest water quality of ephemeral streams in Missouri Ozark forests
    Precast prestressed bridge approach slab: cost effective designs
    Predicting macroscale response of unsaturated sands from microscale analysis and simple geotechnical testing
    Predicting surface water profiles in sand
    Process improvements in biological nutrient removal systems for better wastewater treatment performance
    Processing of synthetic aperture radar data as applied to the characterization of localized deformation features
    Proposed flood protection and drainage, Salt River, Missouri
    A proposed water power plant for the University of Missouri
    Rapid determination of algal growth kinetics using extant respirometry