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    A study on the benefits of including near-field effects in active-source surface wave data collection and interpretation
    Surface interactions between nanoscale iron and organic material : potential uses in water treatment process units
    Surrogate measures for evaluating new signage and intersection designs
    Target level of reliability for design of bridge foundations and approach embankments using LRFD
    Temperature effects on reinforced concrete : a thesis for the degree of Bachelor of Science in civil engineering
    Temporary traffic control for mobile and innovative geometric design work zones
    Tensile strength, shear strength, and effective stress for unsaturated sand
    Training and field verification for hand-held thermographic inspection technologies
    Transportation safety modeling and evaluation: alternative geometric designs, enforcement, and airfield applications
    Trends in essential air service structure and performance
    Ultrasonic biaxial stress measurement for evaluating the adequacy of gusset plates
    Ultrasonic stress measurement for evaluating the adequacy of gusset plates
    Uncertainty propagation and parameter sensitivity analyses of relative permittivity models for use in soils
    Upgrading conventional cold-formed steel connections to protect against moderate blast events
    Use of fluorescence excitation emission matrix spectroscopy for water and wastewater characterization
    Use of incentive/disincentive contracting to mitigate work zone traffic impacts
    Verification of Thermographic Bridge Inspection Technologies
    Verifying risk-based inspection intervals based on historical records and statistical analysis of bridge files
    Volume change and swelling pressure of expansive clay in the crystalline swelling regime
    Water power plant for the University of Missouri