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    Adobe materials for structural walls [1]
    Adsorption interactions of UV-aged microplastic particles with sulfamethazine [1]
    Advancements in evaluating reliability of nondestructive technologies for the detection of subsurface fracture damage in R.C. bridge decks [1]
    AI-based framework for automatically extracting high-low features from NDS data to understand driver behavior [1]
    Algae for wastewater treatment and polishing : development of methodologies for algal growth and population analysis and process optimization of algal membrane bioreactor [1]
    Alternative bicycle pavement marking studies using a bicycle simulator [1]
    Anaerobic co-digestion of edible and inedible food waste with sewage sludge [1]
    Analysis and design of reinforced concrete wall systems for blast [1]
    Analysis and management of disinfection by product formation in distribution systems [1]
    Analysis of radio communication towers subjected to wind, ice and seismic loadings [1]
    Analysis of the parallel seismic method for foundation reuse [1]
    Analytical and experimental evaluation of steel sheets for blast retrofit design [1]
    Analytical study of the spectral-analysis-of-surface-waves method at complex geotechnical sites [1]
    Application of advanced adsorption processes for dissolved organic matter and heavy metal removal from water sources [1]
    Applications of activated carbon to reduce disinfection byproducts in small drinking water systems [1]
    Approaches for comparing the structural characteristics of different representations of transportation systems [1]
    Aquatic toxicity of one dimensional carbon nanomaterials [1]
    Arsenic adsorption onto iron-chitosan composite from drinking water [1]
    Arsenic rejection by membrane processes : model development and application [1]
    Artificial intelligence enabled automatic traffic monitoring system [1]