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    Adobe materials for structural walls
    Advancements in evaluating reliability of nondestructive technologies for the detection of subsurface fracture damage in R.C. bridge decks
    Algae for wastewater treatment and polishing : development of methodologies for algal growth and population analysis and process optimization of algal membrane bioreactor
    Alternative bicycle pavement marking studies using a bicycle simulator
    Anaerobic co-digestion of edible and inedible food waste with sewage sludge
    Analysis and management of disinfection by product formation in distribution systems
    Analysis of radio communication towers subjected to wind, ice and seismic loadings
    Analytical and experimental evaluation of steel sheets for blast retrofit design
    Analytical study of the spectral-analysis-of-surface-waves method at complex geotechnical sites
    Application of advanced adsorption processes for dissolved organic matter and heavy metal removal from water sources
    Applications of Activated Carbon to Reduce Disinfection Byproducts in Small Drinking Water Systems
    Approaches for comparing the structural characteristics of different representations of transportation systems
    Aquatic toxicity of one dimensional carbon nanomaterials
    Arsenic adsorption onto iron-chitosan composite from drinking water
    Arsenic rejection by membrane processes: model development and application
    Artificial intelligence techniques for modeling dynamic traffic behavior at bottlenecks
    Assessment of prestressed reinforced concrete box girder bridges under blast loads
    Automating traffic studies at modern roundabouts: a feasibility study
    Biodegradation of selected organic nitrogen compounds in activated sludge systems
    Blast resistant design for roof systems