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    Development and characterization of gold nanoparticle-collagen scaffold [1]
    Development of a biosensor for the detection of Helicobacter hepaticus utilizing multi-functioning immobilization platforms [1]
    Development of a capillary based helicobacter hepaticus biosensor [1]
    Development of a composite acellular tissue graft for musculoskeletal tissue engineering [1]
    Development of a flexible image-based approach for studying signal transduction in isolated arterioles [1]
    Development of a fluorescence resonance energy transfer optical nanoscale biosensor based on a liquid-core waveguide platform [1]
    Development of a fluorescence-based protease biosensor using nanoscale platforms [1]
    Development of a FRET biosensor to detect the pathogen mycoplasma capricolum [1]
    Development of a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) biosensor utilizing liquid core waveguides [1]
    Development of a multispectral sensor for crop canopy temperature measurement [1]
    Development of a post-traumatic osteoarthritis model to evaluate the effects of impact velocity and maximum strain on articular cartilage cell viability, matrix biomarkers, and material properties [1]
    Development of an online planning tool for designing terrace layouts [1]
    Development of electrospun synthetic bioabsorbable fibers for a novel bionanocomposite hernia repair material [1]
    Development of gold nanoparticle conjugated polyethylene terephthalate for improved biocompatibility in hernia repair materials [1]
    Development of high-resolution optical tomography with a larger-size projection acquisition [1]
    Development of land-use map for Salt River basin using satellite imagery [1]
    Development of novel bionanocomposite scaffolds [1]
    Direct from sample phenotypic antibiotic susceptibility testing [1]
    Direct-from-sputum rapid phenotypic drug susceptibility test for mycobacteria [1]
    Effect of water, rice flour and small red bean on physical properties of tapioca pearl [1]