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    Adapting multisystemic therapy for disruptive behavior problems in youth with autism spectrum disorder : [1]
    Alcohol Placebo Effects on Cognitive Control of Race Bias: Investigating Neural Mechanisms [1]
    Anhedonia and deficits in positive emotional experience in individuals with genetic liability for schizophrenia [1]
    Attempts to Reduce the High False Alarm Rate in Older Adults' Associative Memory [1]
    Autonomous orientation and self-differentiation [1]
    Bayesian random intercept slope factor model for longitudinal twin data [1]
    Borderline features, rejection sensitivity, and romantic relationships: A daily diary study of romantic partners [1]
    Classification problems in growth mixture modeling [1]
    Cohen's kappa as a method for link prediction [1]
    Communication withdrawal in adolescent and young adult romantic relationships [1]
    conceptual and empirical development [1]
    Content reinstatement and source confidence during episodic memory retrieval [1]
    Contrasting smokers' and nonsmokers' subjective reactions to alcohol during ecologically assessed drinking episodes [1]
    The differential effects of presentation rate and retention interval on memory for items and associations in younger adults: a simulation of an age-related associative deficit [1]
    Domain-general and domain-specific brain activations and networks in visual and auditory working memory [1]
    Domain-general and domain-specific brain activations and neural networks in visual and auditory working memory [1]
    An ecological investigation of hangover severity and time course [1]
    The effect of mGluR2 3 agonist, LY379268, and a mGluR4 positive allosteric modulator, VU0155041, on conditioned taste aversion [1]
    EGCG and voluntary exercise : an examination of treatment effects using the TgCRND8 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease [1]
    Examining the comorbidity of boderline personality disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder in a community sample [1]