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    Acute & subchronic NMDA receptor blockade alters nicotine-evoked dopamine release
    Adapting multisystemic therapy for disruptive behavior problems in youth with autism spectrum disorder :
    Adolescent suicide attempts and alcohol use: a developmental psychopathology perspective
    Adult attachment dynamics as a predictor of daily alcohol use and romantic relationship functioning
    Affective instability and impulsivity in borderline personality disorder
    Age differences in memory for names: the effect of pre-learned semantic associations
    Alcohol consumption, executive function and risky decision making
    Alcohol cues, approach bias, and inhibitory control: applying a dual process model to alcohol sensitivity
    Alcohol Placebo Effects on Cognitive Control of Race Bias: Investigating Neural Mechanisms
    Analysis of affective instability on ecological momentary assessments data: successive difference, variance decomposition, and mean comparison via multilevel modeling
    Anhedonia and deficits in positive emotional experience in individuals with genetic liability for schizophrenia
    Assessing single- and dual-process accounts of recognition memory using hierarchical Bayesian models
    Assessing the associative deficit of older adults in long-term and short-term/working memory
    Assessing the role of pair familiarity in the associative deficit of older adults
    An assessment of inhibition in the Simon task
    Association measures: comparison of performance across binary matrices
    Associations between maternal awareness and children's fearfulness and anxiety
    Attempts to Reduce the High False Alarm Rate in Older Adults' Associative Memory
    Autonomous orientation and self-differentiation
    Autonomy development and the influence of temperament