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    Deposition of aerosols in cylindrical tubes and in human lung airways [1]
    Design and testing of optimal personal protective equipment for high energy radiation on earth and beyond [1]
    Design, fabrication and testing of diamond radiation detectors for charged particle and neutron detection / [1]
    Developing a non-destructive evaluation technique using resonance ultrasound spectroscopy for fission based target [1]
    Development and characterization of fluorescent dye-doped nanoparticles with enhanced fluorescence intensity and photostability [abstract] [1]
    Development and evaluation of a novel germanium-68/gallium-68 generator [1]
    Development of a novel titanium thermal ionization cavity source for electromagnetic radioisotope separation of samarium and other lanthanide isotopes [1]
    Development of instrumentation and techniques for preclinical image guided microirradiation [1]
    Development of MURR flux trap model for simulation and prediction of sample loading reactivity worth and isotope production [1]
    Development of unfolded fast neutron irradation positions at a 16.5 MeV GE PETtrace cyclotron and chronomorphic characterization of radiation damage on polyurethane [1]
    Direct simulation Monte Carlo exploration of charge effects on aerosol evolution [1]
    Direct simulation Monte Carlo for modeling spatially homogeneous multi-component aerosols [1]
    Direct simulation Monte Carlo study of phonon heat conduction in solid nuclear fuels [1]
    Discrete NaI(TI) crystal detector optimization for small animal SPECT molecular imaging [1]
    The dissolution rate of unirratiated UO₂ under repository conditions: the influence of fuel and water chemistry, dissolved oxygen, and temperature [1]
    Dosimetric properties and radiation hardness of the storage phosphor europium doped potassium chloride for radiation therapy dosimetry [1]
    Dosimetry to evaluate the effect of Phosphoromidon on Lu-177-RM2 [1]
    DSMC multicomponent aerosol dynamics : sampling algorithms and aerosol processes [1]
    The effect of uncertainty in "field of the day" treatment regimes in proton therapy [1]
    Effects of beta radiation on nanostructured semiconductor devices for low energy radiation sensing [1]