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    Direct simulation Monte Carlo study of phonon heat conduction in solid nuclear fuels [1]
    Discrete NaI(TI) crystal detector optimization for small animal SPECT molecular imaging [1]
    The dissolution rate of unirratiated UO₂ under repository conditions: the influence of fuel and water chemistry, dissolved oxygen, and temperature [1]
    Dosimetric properties and radiation hardness of the storage phosphor europium doped potassium chloride for radiation therapy dosimetry [1]
    Dosimetry to evaluate the effect of Phosphoromidon on Lu-177-RM2 [1]
    DSMC multicomponent aerosol dynamics : sampling algorithms and aerosol processes [1]
    The effect of uncertainty in "field of the day" treatment regimes in proton therapy [1]
    Effects of beta radiation on nanostructured semiconductor devices for low energy radiation sensing [1]
    Exploration of an electron linear accelerator-driven photoneutron source for BNCT [1]
    An exploration of chemical agents detection using the quantum fingerprint [superscript TM] technology [1]
    Fuel depletion analyses at the Missouri University Research Reactor [1]
    Generation of graphite particles by abrasion and their characterization [1]
    Generation of graphite particles by rotational/spinning abrasion and their characterization [1]
    Generation, collection and characterization of nanoparticles and their diffusion in arbitrary tumor and normal tissue geometry [1]
    Helium segregation and migration behavior near symmetric tilt grain boundaries in tungsten [1]
    Hydrogen storage in pressed nanophase diamond powder [1]
    Implementation of an in vivo radiochromic film QA procedure [1]
    Inertial electrostatic confinement: theoretical and experimental studies of spherical devices [1]
    Influence of inert gases on heat and mass transfer in next-generation nuclear reactors [1]
    Investigation of portable nuclear power systems [1]