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    Process management and scheduing [sic] in radiation therapy [1]
    Quantification of absorbed doses from radioactive gold nanoparticles and chromium 51 seed implants [1]
    Robust and efficient process for acceptance testing of radiation therapy machines [1]
    Scintillating fiber arrays for in-vivo real-time patient quality assurance for medical linear accelerators [1]
    Sensitivity of plan re-optimizaton to errors in deformable image registration in online adaptive image-guided radiation therapy [1]
    Simulating Cherenkov radiation generated by radiotherapy beams [1]
    Simulation of multiple-component charged aerosol evolution [1]
    Solutions of some transport problems in molecular and phonon transport [1]
    Standardization and automation for radiotherapy treatment planning system commissioning / [1]
    Startup, transition core, and molybdenum-99 production upgrade analyses for low-enriched uranium fuel conversion at the University of Missouri research reactor [1]
    State-based simulations of tumor response to radiotherapy [1]
    Surface characterization and measurements of adhesion force between graphite clustered particles and Hastelloy X surface using an atomic force microscope [1]
    Synthesis and evaluation of radioactive gold nanoparticles for cancer treatment and imaging [1]
    Task-based image quality assessment in radiation therapy [1]
    Theoretical and experimental investigations in characterizing and developing multiplexed diamond-based neutron spectrometers [1]
    Total hemispherical emissivity of very high temperature reactor (VHTR) candidate materials : Hastelloy X, Haynes 230, and Alloy 617 [1]
    Transport of helium and fission product gases in porous/fractured geometry [1]
    Two-phase flow dynamics by real-time neutron imaging in oscillating heat pipe [1]
    Ultra-fast magnetic resonance imaging for small animal models [1]
    Uncertainty analysis of steady-state calorimetric emissivity measurements [1]