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    Generation of graphite particles by rotational/spinning abrasion and their characterization [1]
    Generation, collection and characterization of nanoparticles and their diffusion in arbitrary tumor and normal tissue geometry [1]
    Hydrogen storage in pressed nanophase diamond powder [1]
    Inertial electrostatic confinement: theoretical and experimental studies of spherical devices [1]
    Materials study supporting thermochemical hydrogen cycle sulfuric acid decomposer design [1]
    Maximum Hypothetical Accident Analysis for HEU to LEU Fuel Conversion at the University of Missouri Research Reactor [1]
    Measurement of coagulating silver and carbon aerosols using a tandem differential mobility analyzer [1]
    Measurement of fission product diffusion in VHTR materials [1]
    Modeling and analysis of a portable, solid-state neutron detection system for spectroscopic applications [1]
    Modeling and maximum theoretical efficiencies of linearly graded alphavoltaic and betavoltaltaic cells [1]
    Modeling of molecular and particulate transport in dry spent nuclear fuel canisters [1]
    Modification of materials for high oxidation resistance [1]
    Modification of nano and micro-phase diamond powder for enhancement of hydrogen storage [1]
    Multiple potential well structure in inertial electrostatic confinement devices [1]
    Neutron exposure from electrom linear accelerators and a proton accelerator: measurements and simulations [1]
    Novel techniques towards improving helical tomotherapy delivery and quality assurance [1]
    Nuclear power plant systems and security: a graduate engineering course [1]
    Numerical solutions to the Poisson equation in media surrounding multiple arbitrarily shaped bodies [1]
    Photon intermediate direct energy conversion using a Sr-90 beta source [1]
    PIDECα: photon intermediate direct energy conversion using the alpha emitter polonium-210 [1]