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    Academic and white working class perceptions of the economic aspects of white privilege
    Aging well: The effect of community and social resources on subjective wellbeing among older South Africans
    Alone/together: the production of religious culture in a church for the unchurched
    "And that's what I think being an American girl is all about!": girls' reflections on American Girl and contemporary American girlhood
    The art of recoverying: benchmarking and identity salvaging among injured athletes
    Assessing prisoner identity and redefining victimless crimes: an analysis of prisoners at Boonville Corrections Center
    Authenticity, style, and gender: explorations in rockabilly
    Branding faith: object and consumerism in religious identity construction
    Bringing up context: reconciling inmates' narratives and institutional rhetoric in prison policy
    Building Wal-Mart with resistance: community political action against a new Wal-Mart supercenter
    A Case Study of Organizational Culture Change in a Hospital
    Churches addressing domestic violence : the spaces between discourse & identity
    Class awareness in Iceland
    Classlessness as Doxa: Late Modernity and Changing Perceptions of Class Division in Iceland
    Combating nuclear power : discourses of justice, the anti-nuclear power struggle for energy justice
    Competitive development: economic development and the inquiry into power relations in Missouri
    Conceptualizing the ultimate punishment in China: a political, cultural, and historical analysis of the death penalty in communist China, 1949-2007
    Contributing factors to the decriminalization of infant abandonment and the implementation of safe haven legislation
    Coping with food vulnerability: the role of social networks in the lives of Missouri food pantry clients
    The criminalization of tattooing in Oklahoma: an application of Clegg's circuits of power