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    2 Feet 4 Life : feasibility of a foot care self-management intervention for older adults without diabetes [1]
    Abuse and Pregnancy: Exploring Factors That May Contribute to Birthweight Disparities [1]
    The assessment of HIV knowledge and attitudes towards caring for HIV/AIDS patients among senior nursing students in baccalaureate programs in the United States of America and Thailand [1]
    Attitudes and beliefs about corporal punishment among inner city homeless parents : a qualitative narrative study [1]
    Baccalaureate nursing students' attitudes towards obese children, knowledge about childhood obesity, and reported self-efficacy in addressing children's weight as a health problem [1]
    Barriers to obtaining annual diabetic eye exams among adult rural patients [1]
    A behavioral feedback-based intervention to improve medication adherence in older adults with hypertension [1]
    Care practices in complementary and alternative medicine in Thai breast cancer survivors [1]
    Characterization of a novel regulator and predictors of sensitivity to trail-induced apoptosis in breast cancer cells [1]
    Clinical deterioration and perception of cues among medical surgical nurses [1]
    Comprehensive management of pelvic floor dysfunction in women [1]
    Correlates of pet-keeping in residence halls on college student adjustment at a small, private, midwestern college [1]
    Custodial grandparents : an analysis of parenting and its impact on health [1]
    Dance-based therapy to decrease fall risk in older persons [1]
    Decision-making in pediatric hematopoeitic cell transplantation [1]
    Decision-making involvement, self-efficacy, and the relationship to transition readiness in youth with sick cell disease [1]
    The development of clinical reasoning in undergraduate baccalaureate nursing students [1]
    Divorced mothers of children managing type 1 diabetes [1]
    The effectiveness of an interactive theatre intervention on improving patient adherence to self-management regimens for breast cancer-related lymphedema [1]
    The effectiveness of cares dementia training modules on delivery of person centered care inside a memory care unit : utilizing the cares observational tool [1]