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    Abuse and Pregnancy: Exploring Factors That May Contribute to Birthweight Disparities
    The assessment of HIV knowledge and attitudes towards caring for HIV/AIDS patients among senior nursing students in baccalaureate programs in the United States of America and Thailand
    Baccalaureate nursing students' attitudes towards obese children, knowledge about childhood obesity, and reported self-efficacy in addressing children's weight as a health problem
    Barriers to obtaining annual diabetic eye exams among adult rural patients
    A behavioral feedback-based intervention to improve medication adherence in older adults with hypertension
    Care practices in complementary and alternative medicine in Thai breast cancer survivors
    Characterization of a novel regulator and predictors of sensitivity to trail-induced apoptosis in breast cancer cells
    Clinical deterioration and perception of cues among medical surgical nurses
    Comprehensive management of pelvic floor dysfunction in women
    Correlates of pet-keeping in residence halls on college student adjustment at a small, private, midwestern college
    Dance-based therapy to decrease fall risk in older persons
    Divorced mothers of children managing type 1 diabetes
    The effectiveness of an interactive theatre intervention on improving patient adherence to self-management regimens for breast cancer-related lymphedema
    Effects of a self-care deficit nursing theory-designed nursing system on sympton control in children with asthma
    An evaluation of the relationship between self-esteem and pet bonding in children
    An examination of organizational and nursing factors impacting patient risk detection
    Exercise participation: sleep quality in Thai older adults
    The experience of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy among childhood cancer survivors
    The experience of men who were managing symptoms of COPD
    The experience of rural children whose daily lives are limited by asthma