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    A comparison of confirmatory factor analysis and task analysis of fluid intelligence cognitive subtests
    A comparison of kernel equating and item response theory true score equating
    A comparison of the social and academic impact of high school students participating in desegregation programs to their peers
    Comprehensive guidance program implementation and student success in high school: a path analysis
    Consequence of winning: interdisciplinary analysis for deontological perspectives of moral function and the interaction with motivation for Division I college athletes
    Consultation as a Vehicle for Increasing Novice Teachers' Use of Evidence-based Classroom Management Strategies
    Contributing factors to self-management success : moderators of physical activity and perceived health status in a randomized controlled trial workplace health intervention
    The contribution of school-site health and wellness opportunities, personal interest in health and perceived health competence to health-related role perceptions in teachers
    Coping, multicultural personality, acculturative stress and psychological adjustment among Chinese international students
    Counselor's multicultural competencies: from gender and ethnicity perspectives
    Cross-cultural coping in a Taiwanese cultural context: a qualitative study of Filipina immigrants' utilization of coping strategies within a cross-cultural transition
    Cultura y colegio: Latina/o cultural values, acculturation, cultural fit, psychological well-being and academic persistence in Mexican American college students
    Culturally transcendent, developmental model of multicultural counseling competence: an integration of theories
    Culture, sex-role, mutual social support and adult attachment as predictors of Korean couples' relationship satisfaction
    Design considerations in three-level regression discontinuity studies
    Developing an integrated screening and progress monitoring tool for internalizing problems in middle school students
    The development and effectiveness of an osteoporosis prevention education intervention
    The development and evaluation of aces: a web-based training to enhance school nurses' attitude, subjective norm, perceived behavioral control, and intention to provide adolescent cessation services
    The Development and Validation of a Proactive Coping Inventory
    The development and validation of a scale for cultural wealth coping with Latina/os