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    Early Predictors of Child Depression in At-Risk Families: Latent Profile Analysis of Risk Factors Occurring in Ecological Systems of Young Children
    Eat for life : a quasi-experimental trial of a novel mindfulness-based intuitive eating intervention
    The effect of father involvement on adolescents' academic performance
    Effect of motivation on teaching conversational skills to children with autism
    Effects of literacy environmental factors on fourth graders' mathematics-related outcomes in Finland
    The effects of practice and working-practice homework on the math achievement of elementary school students showing varying levels of math performance
    Efficacy of bibliotherapy as a treatment for low sexual desire in women
    Elementary agriculture for city high schools
    Empirically derived profiles of classroom management strategies and related student outcomes : a latent profile analysis
    Environmental risk factors and risky sexual behavior outcomes: attitudes as a mediating factor
    Estimating reliability under a generalizability theory model for writing scores in C-base
    Evaluating the effects of performance feedback using the direct behavior rating-classroom management (DBR-CM) on teacher classroom management behavior
    An evaluation of a community-based stress management pilot program
    Evaluation of the pass system: a multi-component function-based tier 2 intervention for escape-maintained student behaviors
    An examination of protective factors and coping strategies of pre-service teachers completing different cerification routes
    An examination of protective factors and coping strategies of pre-service teachers completing different certification routes
    Examining a strengths-based approach to promoting students' engagement with school: a pilot study
    Examining multicultural counseling competencies among racial/ethnic minority and international psychological trainees
    Examining social class privilege and perceived career options in adolescent white women: a qualitative study
    Examining the efficacy of positive psychology interventions for reducing symptoms of burnout among NCAA Division I athletic trainers