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    Gender role conflict, problem-solving appraisal, and the psychological functioning of firefighters
    GIRLSS: a study of the effectiveness of a multi-modal intervention to reduce relational aggression
    The Good Behavior Game in an alternative education setting : impact on student and teacher behavior and the process of implementation
    High school physical education and sport participation: impact on young adult physical activity behaviors
    A historical study of the development of the Total Person Program: the evolution of academic support services for student-athletes at the University of Missouri
    Hope and social support as moderators of the impact of academic and deployment stress on the academic achievement of student-veterans
    I'ma just keep moving : a case study of Black first-generation college student persistence
    The ideal body shape of African American college women
    Identifying profiles of psychological characteristics of juvenile offenders and adolescent psychiatric inpatients
    Immigrant coping processes: a qualitative study of Filipina immigrants in rural communities
    The impact of career counseling plus DISCOVER (Internet version) on the academic achievement of high school sophomores at risk for dropping out of school
    Impact of teacher concerns on response to intervention implementation
    The influence of acculturation and community perceptions on Latina/o immigrants' likelihood of utilizing supports on financial matters
    The influence of early childhood education teacher's beliefs on curriculum implementation and classroom practice
    Influence of racial identity and information processing strategies on client conceptualization
    Influences of anxiety on golf performance: a field test of catastrophe theory
    Influences of subjective social status, control and perfectionism on international students' cross-cultural transition
    Integrating bullying and school-wide positive behavior support strategies in an elementary school
    Interactive DIF detection by HLM: does interacted DIF matter?
    Internationalization initiatives in U.S. institutions of higher education : the impact observed by a school of music