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    Keeping control: relations between men's gender role conflict, spirituality and psychological well being [1]
    linking assessment to intervention : a brief individualized intervention for adoptive foster families to promote effective parenting practices [1]
    Long-term preventive effects of multisystemic therapy on criminality in siblings of juvenile offenders [1]
    Magazines targeting young men: men's objectification of and attitudes toward women [1]
    Masculinity, hardiness, and psychological well-being in male student veterans [1]
    Masculinity, physical health, and perceived barriers to help-seeking [1]
    Mathematics teacher instruction, classroom goal structures, and student motivation: a test of achievement goal theory [1]
    Measuring perceived self-efficacy of teachers' comprehensive response to youth suicide [1]
    Mindfulness, self-regulation, and personality [1]
    Motivation to do well on low-stakes tests [1]
    Natural interests of adolescents [1]
    Now you see it, now you don't :|preschoolers' sensitivity to spatiotemporal continuity [1]
    Organizational citizenship behavior as a measure of performance in sport: relationships with leadership, team cohesion, and athlete satisfaction [1]
    Pain and function in knee osteoarthritis: are they related to local intrinsic factors? [1]
    The parenting check-up (PCU) : [1]
    Passage-related local item dependence and spurious latent classes in the mixture Rasch model : a simulation study [1]
    Perfectionism, coping, adjustment and achievement in Taiwanese culture [1]
    Physical self-concept and athletic identity among former collegiate athletes: examining the influence on self [1]
    Positive Coaching and Olympic Success: Case Studies of Track and Field Olympic Medalist Coach-Athlete Relationships [1]
    Predicting first year academic success of the student-athlete population at the University of Missouri [1]