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    Organizational citizenship behavior as a measure of performance in sport: relationships with leadership, team cohesion, and athlete satisfaction
    Pain and function in knee osteoarthritis: are they related to local intrinsic factors?
    The parenting check-up (PCU) :
    Passage-related local item dependence and spurious latent classes in the mixture Rasch model : a simulation study
    Perfectionism in early childhood : an investigation of its dimensions, profiles, predictors and outcomes
    Perfectionism, coping, adjustment and achievement in Taiwanese culture
    Physical self-concept and athletic identity among former collegiate athletes: examining the influence on self
    Positive coaching and Olympic success : case studies of track and field Olympic medalist coach-athlete relationships
    Predicting first year academic success of the student-athlete population at the University of Missouri
    Predicting the job and life satisfaction of women engineers: a test of Lents (2004) unifying social cognitive career theory of well-being
    Predicting the quality of middle schoolers' teacher relationships
    The process of decentering: a phenomenological study of Asian American Buddhists from the Fo Guan Shan Temple Buddhist order
    A profile analysis of diagnostic data from college students experiencing math difficulty
    A programming comparison: the APRE vs. linear periodization in short term periods
    Project ARCHES : an evaluation of a modified family check-up intervention in an assessment setting
    A qualitative exploration of Latino immigrant integration in the rural Midwest : long-term resident and immigrant perspectives
    Redefining Latina/Latino immigrant well-being: a qualitative approach
    Relational intersection of youth sport participation and identity development
    Relations of support seeking and life satisfaction among Latina/o immigrants in the Midwest
    The relationship between attachment to adults, attachment to God, and satisfaction with life