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    A qualitative exploration of Latino immigrant integration in the rural Midwest : long-term resident and immigrant perspectives
    Redefining Latina/Latino immigrant well-being: a qualitative approach
    Relational intersection of youth sport participation and identity development
    Relations of support seeking and life satisfaction among Latina/o immigrants in the Midwest
    The relationship between attachment to adults, attachment to God, and satisfaction with life
    The relationship between body image and marital satisfaction
    The relationship between cultural identification, emotional regulation, mental health and tobacco use and Native Americans
    The relationship between ethnic identity, perceived acceptance, and sociocultural adjustment of African students in the US
    The relationship between high school sport participation and subsequent health behaviors of college young adults
    The relationship between learners' motivational schemas, learners' affect, and changes to learners' achievement goals: a test of the cognitive change of motivational beliefs model
    The relationship between risk factors and problem behaviors in adolescence: an approach to identify a latent general risk and a latent general problem behavior factors
    The relationship of coping strategies to psychological health among sexually victimized deaf women
    Relationships between academic disidentification and incarceration in African American males
    Religiosity, coping, and psychological well-being among LDS Polynesians in the U.S.
    Religious involvement, attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help, and preferences for alternative mental health settings
    Resilience among elementary educators as measured by the personal and organizational quality assessment-revised and the emotional quotient inventory: short
    Robust scale transformation methods in IRT true score equating under common-item nonequivalent groups design
    Searching for jobs amid difficult economic times in China: the role of coping and perceived barriers in psychological adjustment and well-being
    Selected academic variables as predictors of first semester academic success of at-risk football student-athletes at the University of Missouri
    Self concept screening: a predictor to depression