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    Searching for jobs amid difficult economic times in China: the role of coping and perceived barriers in psychological adjustment and well-being
    Selected academic variables as predictors of first semester academic success of at-risk football student-athletes at the University of Missouri
    Self concept screening: a predictor to depression
    Sexual coercion experiences and sequelae among Latina and Latino young adults
    Social cognitive predictors of Mexican American college students' academic and life satisfaction
    Social studies progress monitoring and intervention for middle school students
    A statewide evaluation of gifted education in Missouri
    Staying in the sweet spot: how elite level golfers engage in, structure, and experience practice throughout extended careers
    Strategy before beer, never fear?: the unique relationships among protective behavioral strategies and specific categories of alcohol-related problems
    Students' views of careerand [sic] technical education: a qualitative study
    A study of NCAA division I athletes on the use and the effects of combining alcohol & energy drinks
    Teacher burnout in Japan: relationships with individual teacher and classroom level factors
    Teaching English language learners scale (TELLS): a study of validity and reliability
    Teaching English language learners scale (TELLS): initial development
    Telling the future: a qualitative examination of the career preparations and expectations of African American high school seniors
    Test taking motivation and item performance
    Testing a social cognitive model of math/science career goals in low-income prospective first generation college students
    Testlet Effects on Standardized Log-likelihood Person Fit Index to Detect Aberrant Responses for the IRT Testlet Model
    Treatment effects of an evidence-based teacher training on improving academic achievement and behavioral performance for children with aggression
    Understanding elementary teachers' beliefs, attitudes and intentions to support mental health services in schools