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    Understanding elementary teachers' beliefs, attitudes and intentions to support mental health services in schools
    Understanding parental involvement, attitudes, and input on an emergent school-based newcomer center
    Understanding parental involvemnet, attitudes, and input on an emergent school-based newcomer center
    Understanding the impact of family routines and rituals in relative in kinship families
    Understanding the influence of social responsibility educational interventions on the empowerment of female student-athletes : a case study using consensual qualitative research
    The use of bibliotherapy for stress reduction in nonprofit healthcare executives
    The use of cognitive enhancing substances and academic stress
    The use of e-learning to increase adolescent health literacy
    Using early numeracy indicators as a means to predict long-term math achievement
    Using population invariance as a criterion to evaluate equating relationship for college basic academic subject examination
    Values driven delivery: a qualitative case study exploration of the experience in an NCAA division I holistic integrated sport psychology program
    Walking over 'em: associations between emotion dysregulation, masculine norms, intimate partner abuse and interpersonal functioning
    When the lights go out, how do they turn back on?: a classic grounded theory on the transition out of the National Football League (NFL)
    Where are the women in women's sports?: predictors of female athletes' interest in a coaching career
    A win at all 'values' mentality : a phenomenological investigation of lived experiences of college gymnasts and volleyball players in a comprehensive positive psychology intervention
    Women's reactions to a realistic rape portrayal and the influence of feminst identity and rape myth acceptance