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    Academic achievement and persistence in online self-paced courses [1]
    Academic libraries national conference program evaluation : meeting learner needs in a changing profession [1]
    Academic motivation, mathematics achievement, and the school context : building achievement models using TIMSS 2003 [1]
    Academic satisfaction among East Asian international students in the U.S. : an examination of SCCT [1]
    Academically at-risk college students at a small, private, faith-based university : a qualitative study of factors promoting persistence to the fourth year [1]
    Administrator view on technology directorship in southeast Missouri [1]
    Adolescent leadership development through participation in a robotics design challenge experience [1]
    An alternate approach to educational reform in the United Arab Emirates : exploring students' motivation through Pisa 2012 [1]
    Analysis of content and pedagogical content knowledge in secondary mathematics teachers' preparation programs : perceptions of novice teachers, cooperating teachers, and university professors [1]
    An analysis of the relationship between developmental mathematics and early access to Algebra 1 [1]
    Anxiety, attentional control, and performance : quiet eye training in Division I baseball [1]
    Assessing multilevel construct validity with latent variable modeling : validating school-level inferences in college base [1]
    Associations between instrumental music and school success in low SES students [1]
    Athletes' experiences of sport psychology consultation : exploring a multi-season, cross gender intervention [1]
    Attachment to therapist, the working alliance and emotional processing of traumatic material in session among veterans diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder [1]
    Bayesian analysis of hierarchical IRT models: comparing and combining the unidimensional & multi-unidimensional IRT models [1]
    Behavioral economic indicators of Greek student drinking : the role of social environment and perceived norms [1]
    The belief in meritocracy predict well-being of low status college students when perceiving discrimination? [1]
    The black inside the blue : black law enforcement officers' perceptions of racial profiling in Missouri [1]
    Black students at predominatly white institutions: a motivational and self-systems approach to understanding retention [1]