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    Delayed maize lateral root determinacy induced by mild water deficit [1]
    Delineating the functional roles of dynamin related proteins in plant innate immunity [1]
    Determining electrofishing response thresholds of smallmouth bass (micropterus dolomieu), flathead catfish (pylodictus olivaris), and blue catfish (ictalurus furcatus) [1]
    Developing and evaluating the effectiveness of a place based climate change education toolkit in Missouri [1]
    Developing molecular genetic tools for gene discovery in soybean (glycine max) [1]
    Development and improvement of artificial diets for larvae of Diabrotica species using multidimensional design space techniques [1]
    Development and validation of a DNA microarray for analysis of the Bradyrhizobium japonicum transcriptome [1]
    Development of flavonoid compounds in Norton and Cabernet Sauvignon grape skins during maturation [1]
    Development of high protein soybean experimental lines with enhanced sulfur amino acid content [1]
    Development of high-throughput phenotyping tools to enhance soybean yields [1]
    Differences in seedling vigor among diverse cotton genotypes [1]
    A digestive phospholipase a2 in Midguts of worker honey bees, Apis mellifera : significance in lipid nutrition and health [1]
    Dissipation and carryover of imidazolinone herbicides in imidazolinone-resistant rice (Oryza sativa) [1]
    Diversity of macroinvertebrates in tributaries of the jacks fork and current rivers, Ozark national scenic riverways, Missouri and efficacy of springfed tributaries as refugia [1]
    DNA insulator minimizing interactions between adjacent transgenes, transcriptomes contrasting callus induction of somatic embryogenesis in maize B73 [1]
    Downstream chitin signaling mediated by CERK1 in Arabidopsis [1]
    Dual use switchgrass : [1]
    Educating for adoption : understanding long-term outcomes of the Agroforestry Academy [1]
    The effect of environment on seed composition of tofu and natto soybean cultivars [1]
    Effect of far-red induced shade-avoidance responses on carbon allocation in arabidopsis thaliana [1]