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    Linking waterfowl distribution and abundance to spatial and temporal distribution and abundance of wetland habitat [1]
    Low temperature survival of 'Redhaven' peach floral buds on selected rootstocks [1]
    Maize nodal root growth under water deficits [1]
    Management alternatives for urea use in corn and wheat production [1]
    Management of annual bluegrass (Poa annua L.) using post-emergence herbicides and plant growth regulators [1]
    Management practice effects on corn grain ethanol yield and ethanol byproduct quality [1]
    Managing fescue toxicosis through forage canopy, limestone application, and novel endophytes [1]
    Managing high biomass sorghum for optimum ethanol yield in Missouri [1]
    Managing sweet sorghum for optimum ethanol yield in Missouri [1]
    managing switchgrass for biomass production and summer grazing [1]
    Manganese nutrition and photosynthesis in NAD-malic enzyme C-4 plants [1]
    Measuring and modeling suspended sediment and nutrient yields in a mixed-land use watershed of the central United States [1]
    Mechanical and thermal weed control in organic crops [1]
    Mechanisms of non-consumptive effects of parasitoid wasps on aphid populations : enhancing aphid suppression by increasing natural enemy and plant diversity [1]
    Microrna regulation of bursicon in drosophila melanogaster [1]
    Modification of fatty acid composition in soybean seeds to improve soybean oil quality and functionality [1]
    Molecular characterization of CLE peptide mimicry during cyst nematode pathogenesis [1]
    Molecular characterization of genetic resistance to soybean cyst nematode in soybean line SS97-6946 [1]
    Molecular characterization of soybean resistance to soybean cyst nematode [1]
    Molecular characterization of soybean squalene synthases (GmSQSs) and genetic engineering for enhanced phytosterols in Arabidopsis seeds [1]