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    Reaction of soybean cultivars to waterlogged soil [1]
    Recommendations for tree establishment in tall fescue-based silvopasture [1]
    Reducing ergovaline and ergot alkaloid concentrations through fertilizer, herbicide and clipping management [1]
    Reflectance sensors to predict mid-season nitrogen need of cotton [1]
    The relative efficiency of waste diversion strategies in Memorial Stadium at the University of Missouri [1]
    Relay- and double-crop production systems for wheat [1]
    Remobilization of leaf nitrogen in stockpiled tall fescue [1]
    Resistance management of the western corn rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera) : behavior, survival and the potential for cross resistance on Bt corn in the field, greenhouse and laboratory [1]
    Resource extraction, resistance, and religion in Nicaragua [1]
    Response of beef cattle selected for tolerance to tall fescue toxicosis [1]
    The role of Arabidopsis SRFR1 in defense against the beet cyst nematode Heterodera schachtii and beet army worm Spodoptera exigua [1]
    The role of ERF transcription factors in defenses against specialist and generalist herbivores in Arabidopsis thaliana [1]
    The role of genetic and phenotypic diversity in maize and its effects on aflatoxin accumulation by the fungus Aspergillus flavus [1]
    Role of microRNAs in the legume - rhizobium nitrogen fixing symbiosis [1]
    Role of oxalate oxidase and apoplastic reactive oxygen species in root growth regulation in water-stressed maize primary roots [1]
    Role of the Arabidopsis peptide transporter AtOPT6 in heavy metal detoxification and plant-pathogen interaction [1]
    The role of the vasculature in iron allocation and sensing in plants [1]
    Root Growth under Drought --- Role of Cell Wall Localized Reactive Oxygen Species [abstract] [1]
    Ruling or being ruled? : the development of citizenship in the Cherokee Nation [1]
    Rust and leaf spot diseases on American elderberry plants [1]