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    Between God and Mammon : politics, class conflict, and the southern Irish state, 1922-45 [1]
    Between the old and the new : Friedrich Gentz, 1764-1832 [1]
    Beyond the border war : student civil rights activism at the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri, 1946-1954 [1]
    The birth and death of a tar baby : Henry Kissinger and southern Africa [1]
    A call to citizenship : Anti-Klan activism in Missouri, 1921-1928 [1]
    Carolingian imperial authority : consolidation to dissolution, 751-870 [1]
    Celtic contribution to European culture during the early middle ages [1]
    Centered on the periphery : the changing dynamic between Ionia and imperial powers 454-c.294 BCE [1]
    Child death, grief, and the community in high and late Medieval England [1]
    Citizens under the law : African Americans confront the justice system in Kentucky, Missouri, and Texas, 1790-1877 [1]
    Commerce clause new federalism in the Rehnquist and Roberts courts : dynamics of culture wars constitutionalism, 1964-2012 [1]
    Concealed authorship on the eve of the revolution : pseudonymity and the American periodical public sphere, 1766-1776 [1]
    Corrected above measure : indentured servants and domestic abuse in Maryland, 1650-1700 [1]
    Corrected spine title: Railroads in missouri to 1860 [1]
    Damn with faint praise : a historical commentary on Plutarch's On the fortune or virtue of Alexander the Great 1 [1]
    "The demise of in loco parentis in American higher education" : campus rules and student behavior at the University of Missouri, 1866 to 1975 [1]
    Destructive state interest and panhellenism in Thucydides [1]
    The development of railroads in Missouri to 1860 [1]
    The development of religious education in the Baptist Sunday schools of the United States [1]
    Development of the General assembly of Missouri [1]