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    Ever towards the setting sun they push us : American Indian identity in the writings of Mary Alicia Owen [1]
    Exchange and settlement patterns as evidence for social stratification and developing complexity in prehistoric and early Christian Ireland [1]
    The exploration of Africa and the construction of imperial masculinity [1]
    The family farm in the post-World War II era : industrialization, the cold war and political symbol [1]
    Family matters : casework, manhood, and the Bureau for Homeless Men, St. Louis, 1925-1940 [1]
    Farmers, warriors, and grandfathers : the Shawnee and Delaware Indians and their neighbors in the trans-Mississippi West, 1787-1832 [1]
    Federal policy on agriculture under the Reagan administration : the first year [1]
    The federalist frontier : early American political development in the old northwest [1]
    Financial history of Bonne [sic] county from 1821 to 1835 [1]
    Financial history of Boone county from 1821 to 1835 [1]
    Fording the Severn : the influence of intermarriage and judicial participation on Welsh identity and self-identification in Shropshire and the Central March of Wales in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries [1]
    Foreign occupation and the development of Filipino nationalism [1]
    Forging a national diet : beef and the political economy of plenty in postwar America [1]
    Francis Wayland : Christian America-liberal America [1]
    Fremont, OH : from Armistice 1918 to elections 1920 [1]
    From Gastarbeiter to Muslims : representations of Turkish migrants in West Germany from 1961-1989 [1]
    From Norwegian invasion to Anglo-Saxon Rebellion : forging memories of Conquest England, c. 1066-1235 [1]
    A grave injustice : institutional terror at the State Industrial Home for Negro girls and the paradox of delinquent reform in Missouri, 1888-1960 [1]
    The greatest improvement of any country: economic development in Ullapool and the Highlands, 1786-1835 [1]
    "Guarding Innocence" : age of consent, gender, and progressivism [1]