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    Stranger fruit : the lynching of black women : the cases of Rosa Jefferson and Marie Scott [1]
    A study of the origin and development of the English baronial boroughs [1]
    The sword of god: Plague and episcopal authority in the Late Antique West [1]
    Technology towards transcendence : apocalyptic spiritualities & the genesis of science fiction in Weimar Germany [1]
    Total salvation : the gospel of the abundant life and American culture, 1947-1989 [1]
    Toward the Celtic Tiger : integration and policymaking in Ireland's recent economic development [1]
    Trouble in Zion : the radicalization of Mormon theology, 1831-1839 [1]
    The troubling voices of Confederate women : the language of family, religion, and rebellion on the occupied Civil War home front [1]
    Under the big top : big tent revivalism and American culture, 1880-1925 [1]
    Under the big top: Maria B. Woodworth, experiential religion and big tent revivalism in late nineteenth century Saint Louis [1]
    An unintended order : the centrality of character and circumstance in the twelfth-century Gilbertine communities [1]
    Up to freedom : slavery, emancipation, and the making of freedom in Howard County, Missouri, 1860 to 1865 [1]
    Valley of industry : developing a regional economy in the post Jefferson's Embargo Ohio Valley [1]
    The veering path of progress : politics, race, and consensus in the north St. Louis Mark Twain Expressway fight, 1950-1956 [1]
    A victory long in the making : divestment from South Africa at the University of Missouri [1]
    We have chosen a few things from among many: the adaptations and suitability of nuns' rules in Merovingian Gaul [1]
    The western abolitionists [1]
    "With the intention of destroying her life" : women, suicide, and the limits of respectability in St. Louis Missouri, 1875 to 1900 [1]
    Women of the Heartland : tradition and evolution in the Missouri women's movement [1]
    A world the printers made : print culture in New York, 1783-1830 [1]