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    Order in the marketplace : commercial organizations in antebellum St Louis [1]
    Per dilectam coniugem et regnorum consortem : empresses' roles in building the Salian dynasty, 1024 1125 [1]
    Pointing to inclinations : Albertus Magnus' physiognomy as a scientific and theological nexus [1]
    Portrayals of women in violent situations in texts of the High Middle Ages [1]
    "The presence of these families is the cause of the presence there of the guerrillas": the influence of Little Dixie households on the Civil War in Missouri [1]
    The pulpits and the damned witchcraft in German postils, 1520-1615 [1]
    Rebuilding the soul : churches and religion in Bavaria, 1945-1960 [1]
    Red lion in winter : the life and times of Claude M. Lightfoot [1]
    Remembering in black and white : Missouri women's memorial work 1860-1910 [1]
    Rivers running through : an urban environmental history of the Kansas Cities and the Missouri River [1]
    The Saudi-American aid relationship, 1961-1968 [1]
    Scandinavians and settlement in the eastern Irish sea region during the Viking age [1]
    Securing peace: Henry M. Jackson and U.S.-Soviet relations [1]
    Seizing the elephant : Kansas City and the great western migration, 1840-1865 [1]
    Sex radicals in America's heartland : redefining gender and sexuality, 1880-1910 [1]
    “So many foolish virgins”: nuns and anti-Catholicism from Maria Monk to the Know-Nothings [1]
    Social contract, civic organicism, and Antebellum Southern political thought [1]
    "The sphinx of the nineteenth century": Helena Blavatsky's syncretism in Britain, 1887-1891 [1]
    Spring break for Jesus : the rise of Protestant short-term missions, 1950-1980 [1]
    St. Louis's German brewing industry : its rise and fall [1]