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    "Just Rage" : causes of the rise in violence in the eastern campaigns of Alexander the Great
    Kachinas are snowmakers: United States public land management and the Hopi quest for religious freedom, 1962-2008
    "The kingdom of the English is of God": the effects of the Norman conquest on the cult of the saints in England
    Late-Medieval Perception of Abnormal Behavior
    Leonard Stöckel: docta pietas in the service of Lutheran reform
    "Longing in vain to climb into the ducal bed": gossip and rumor in Orderic Vitalis' Ecclesiastical History
    The making of a frontier society: northeastern Wales between the Norman and Edwardian conquests
    Man up : muscular Christianity and the making of 20th-century American religion
    The metics and their social position: foreign residents in Athens during the Classical period
    The missional ground : Indians, missionaries, and the forging of the antebellum frontiers
    Mississippi Mau Mau : Medgar Evers and the black freedom struggle, 1952-1963
    Missouri's hidden Civil War: financial conspiracy and the decline of the planter elite, 1861-1865
    Mixed up in the making: Martin Luther King Jr., Cesar Chavez, and the images of their movements
    Moses Harman: free thought, free love, and eugenics in the Midwest, 1880-1910
    The nation of Islam's struggle for civil rights and liberties, 1930-1971
    Not one, but three (Roman) Alexanders: the evolution of the Roman accounts of Alexander the Great
    "Once Mistress of the World:" Rome, St. Peter, and female devotion in the early Middle Ages
    One heart, many souls: the National Council of Jewish Women and identity formation in St. Louis, 1919-1950
    Order in the marketplace : commercial organizations in antebellum St Louis
    Per dilectam coniugem et regnorum consortem : empresses' roles in building the Salian dynasty, 1024 1125