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    The making of a frontier society: northeastern Wales between the Norman and Edwardian conquests
    Man up : muscular Christianity and the making of 20th-century American religion
    Mediaeval student life
    The metics and their social position: foreign residents in Athens during the Classical period
    The missional ground : Indians, missionaries, and the forging of the antebellum frontiers
    Mississippi Mau Mau : Medgar Evers and the black freedom struggle, 1952-1963
    Missouri's hidden Civil War: financial conspiracy and the decline of the planter elite, 1861-1865
    Mixed up in the making: Martin Luther King Jr., Cesar Chavez, and the images of their movements
    Moses Harman: free thought, free love, and eugenics in the Midwest, 1880-1910
    The nation of Islam's struggle for civil rights and liberties, 1930-1971
    The Norman-English baronage as a factor in English political and governmental development, 1066-1205
    Not one, but three (Roman) Alexanders: the evolution of the Roman accounts of Alexander the Great
    "Once Mistress of the World:" Rome, St. Peter, and female devotion in the early Middle Ages
    One heart, many souls: the National Council of Jewish Women and identity formation in St. Louis, 1919-1950
    Order in the marketplace : commercial organizations in antebellum St Louis
    The origin and history of the doctrine of popular sovereignty
    Per dilectam coniugem et regnorum consortem : empresses' roles in building the Salian dynasty, 1024 1125
    The policy of the early Tudors respecting forestalling, engrossing and regrating
    Portrayals of women in violent situations in texts of the High Middle Ages
    Prairie stream ecology : temporal and spatial patterns of macroinvertebrates