The items in this collection are the theses and dissertations written by students of the Department of Business Administration. Some items may be viewed only by members of the University of Missouri System and/or University of Missouri-Columbia. Click on one of the browse buttons above for a complete listing of the works.

Recent Submissions

  • Two essays in analyzing delegated portfolio management relationships through relative portfolio measures 

    Stowe, David L. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2014)
    Business Administration
  • Bridging the cultural divide: the role of foreign directors in cross-border mergers 

    Alabdullah, Yaqoub (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2014)
    Business Administration
  • Indirect bonding : 

    Liao, Min-Yu (Stella) (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2013)
    I propose that firms have incentives to respond to their rivals' cross-listings, thereby generating a spillover effect from the cross-listing. The existence of a spillover is an indirect effect of cross-listing and is ...
  • Competitive learning and joint learning in international joint venture 

    Dong, Xiaodan, 1980- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2013)
    As is the case in most normal independent organizations, international joint ventures (IJVs) are expected to be influenced by both stabilizing and destabilizing forces. This research emphasizes that inter-partner learning ...
  • Perceived progress, affect, and intensity : the role of approach-avoidance temperament and optimism in job search 

    Pires Da Motta Veiga, Serge (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2013)
    Job search is a self-regulated process during which job seekers evaluate the extent to which they are making progress toward finding a job. The purpose of this study was to better understand whether and how job seekers ...
  • The interplay of legitimacy gains and technical gains in the adoption of social media 

    Clark, Brent B. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2013)
    The benefits of adopting new practices vary: some provide technical efficiency and some are institutions and bestow legitimacy to adopting firms. These distinct benefits have been treated in isolation in the literature, ...
  • Illiquidity spillover: the cross-market impact of firm level illiquidity 

    Maslar, David (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2013)
    This study is an examination of the cross-market relations of illiquidity at the firm level. In the first part of the study I explore the cross-market pricing implications of the illiquidity of a firm's stocks and bonds. ...
  • Do role models matter?: exploring the correlates of motivational and imitative role modeling by professionals 

    McCullough, Christine M. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2013)
    This study was an initial attempt at precisely conceptualizing and measuring role modeling, and exploring the correlates, direct benefits, and career outcomes of role modeling for professionals. As such these results begin ...
  • Two essays on mutual fund performance 

    Lynch, Andrew A. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2012)
    In these two essays, I examine the relation between mutual fund characteristics and fund performance. In the first essay, I test the impact of liquidity and liquidity risk on mutual fund returns. I find that equity funds ...
  • Entrepreneur negotiation schema 

    Dunne, Timothy C. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2012)
    The purpose of this dissertation is to discover how entrepreneurs think about negotiation. Examining cognition has increased our understanding of many entrepreneurship phenomena. However, much research to date focuses on ...
  • Two essays on investor overconfidence and asset prices 

    Nikolic, Biljana (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2012)
    This dissertation contains two essays about the impact of investor overconfidence on asset prices. The first essay examines the role of investor overconfidence in explaining the momentum effect. Using a comprehensive sample ...
  • Hiding in plain sight: camouflage in the corporate governance of IPOs 

    Cicon, James E. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2012)
    I show that quality of corporate governance incrementally explains IPO pricing and performance. I facilitate this by creating a measure of corporate governance, provided by the bylaws and charter of an IPO, called ...
  • Eudaimonic orientation: the pursuit of the best self 

    Yan, Wan (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2011)
    The purpose of this dissertation is to integrate the concept of eudaimonia into management literature to enhance our understanding of employees' optimal functioning in the workplace. A lack of a scientific measure that ...
  • On the outside looking in: examining the fairness of mentoring from protege and non-protege perspectives 

    Wilbanks, James E. (University of Missouri-Columbia, 2011)
    The purpose of this dissertation was to examine mentoring fairness and to include the perspectives of both protégés and non-protégés. This dissertation proposed an overview of the perceptions of mentoring fairness and ...
  • Associative and item memory for brands among elderly consumers 

    Mohanty, Praggyan (University of Missouri-Columbia, 2011)
    A key imperative for marketers is to generate high levels of brand awareness and create favorable and distinctive brand associations in the minds of consumers. Memory for brand information is typically created through ...
  • Vicarious consumption in internet forums 

    Hinsch, Christian (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2011)
    An increasing proportion of everyday life is being lived through the Internet. Unfortunately, little is understood about how living life in the Internet sphere impacts the lives, attitudes and behaviors of the individual. ...
  • Essays on banking IPOs 

    Crook, Matthew D. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2011)
    This dissertation explores the market reaction to analyst coverage initiations and the factors leading to coverage initiations by analysts for newly public banking stocks. I use two cases to investigate the timeliness and ...
  • The effects of CEO succession on corporate restructuring and strategy change 

    Chiu, Shih-chi, 1975- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2010)
    This dissertation examines three CEO succession scenarios-established CEOs, new outsider CEOs, and new insider CEOs-and their effect on the strategic actions of firms undergoing portfolio restructuring. I argue that ...
  • Reciprocity in marketing relationships 

    Lund, Donald J. 1973- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2010)
    Marketing researchers have often cited reciprocity as an important aspect of relational exchange; however the extant research has not conceptualized or measured reciprocity in marketing relationships. This research is a ...
  • Essays on idea sharing and investor performance 

    Kern, Andrew, 1979- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2010)
    This dissertation is the study of a novel database from an exclusive and confidential website where a select group of fundamentals-based hedge fund managers privately share investment ideas. I find that the managers' long ...

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