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    Estimates of school productivity and implications for policy
    Estimation of spatial autoregressive models with dyadic observations and limited dependent variables
    An experimental study of the game of Nim
    Exploring the dynamics of competing risk models for multiple discrete outcomes
    Family structure, residential area and housing demand : evidence from micro-data for the U.S.
    FDI and economic growth : the role of stock market liberalization and trade liberalization
    Firm access to capital markets in Europe
    The fiscal responsiveness to economic fluctuations
    Fiscal sustainability in the light of aging trend : finding the patterns among aged OECD countries
    Forecasting county-level unemployment accounting for spatial correlation
    Forecasting unemployment with spatial correlation
    A further analysis of the causal link between abortion and crime
    Growth and volatility in inter- and intra-national data
    How monetary policy influences the lending to small business : an empirical study on relationship banking using a Korean bank data set
    The impact of the distribution of economic activity on the gravity model estimation of international trade
    Inflation and seigniorage studies in Africa
    Information in and market reactions to recommendations from chaebol brokerages
    Information, incentives, markets and policy
    Investigating a countercyclical price level with procyclical inflation
    The limitations of the Ricardian theory of rent : a study of static theory in relation to changing business practice