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    Family structure, residential area and housing demand : evidence from micro-data for the U.S. [1]
    FDI and economic growth : the role of stock market liberalization and trade liberalization [1]
    Firm access to capital markets in Europe [1]
    The fiscal responsiveness to economic fluctuations [1]
    Fiscal sustainability in the light of aging trend : finding the patterns among aged OECD countries [1]
    Forecasting county-level unemployment accounting for spatial correlation [1]
    Forecasting unemployment with spatial correlation [1]
    A further analysis of the causal link between abortion and crime [1]
    Growth and volatility in inter- and intra-national data [1]
    How monetary policy influences the lending to small business : an empirical study on relationship banking using a Korean bank data set [1]
    The impact of the distribution of economic activity on the gravity model estimation of international trade [1]
    Inflation and seigniorage studies in Africa [1]
    Information in and market reactions to recommendations from chaebol brokerages [1]
    Information, incentives, markets and policy [1]
    Investigating a countercyclical price level with procyclical inflation [1]
    The limitations of the Ricardian theory of rent : a study of static theory in relation to changing business practice [1]
    Macroeconomic trade-offs in small open economies [1]
    Marital-property scheme, marriage promotion and matching market equilibrium [1]
    Motives for savings and portfolio choice : evidence from micro-data for Japan [1]
    Network goods, piracy, and firm strategies in the global economy [1]