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    Macroeconomic trade-offs in small open economies [1]
    Marital-property scheme, marriage promotion and matching market equilibrium [1]
    Motives for savings and portfolio choice: evidence from micro-data for Japan [1]
    Network goods, piracy, and firm strategies in the global economy [1]
    Oil price shocks and stock market behavior: empirical evidence for the U.S. and European Countries [1]
    On- and off-balance sheet credit risk and capital in U.S. banks: evidence of unbalanced panel data [1]
    Pricing the residential housing of Shanghai and Shenzhen [1]
    Pricing to market when exchange rate changes and output level matters [1]
    Re-examining the effects of contribution limits on campaign expenditures in gubernatorial elections [1]
    The so-called trusts; are they a menace to the future welfare of our country? [1]
    A study on the trade-off between supervision and wages: an empirical test of efficiency wage theory [1]
    Taxation and regulation of railways in Missouri [1]
    Three essays of housing price dynamics [1]
    Three essays on educator labor markets: evidence from Missouri public schools [1]
    Three essays on the factor content of trade [1]
    Three essays on trade gravity model [1]
    Toward a common market in residency: international migration and regional integration [1]
    Uncertainty and tangible assets in firm investment: inter-industry evidence from APEC countries [1]
    Vertical integration and sabotage: evidence and regulation [1]
    What's the big deal?: the effect of corporate reforms on manufacturing productivity in Korea [1]