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    Ab initio molecular dynamics study of nanoscale heat transfer and energy conversion [1]
    Advanced analysis and design of polymer sheet extrusion [1]
    Advanced analysis of short-fiber polymer composite material behavior [1]
    Advanced guidance algorithms for the Ares V cargo launch vehicle [1]
    Analysis and modeling of direct selective laser sintering of two-component metal powders [1]
    Analysis and optimization of electroformed dendritic structures as enhanced heat transfer surfaces [1]
    Analysis of dual-phase ejector performance [1]
    Analysis of heat transfer in subcooled metal powder subjected to pulsed laser heating [1]
    Analysis of lubrication groove geometry [1]
    Analysis of oscillatory flow and heat transfer in an oscillating heat pipe [1]
    Applying and analyzing robust modern control on uncertain hydraulic systems [1]
    Asymmetric responses in symmetrical structures [1]
    Automated trajectory generation and guidance for a new launch vehicle flight phases [1]
    An axisymmetric interfacial tracking model for melting-vaporization-resolidification in a thin metal film irradiated by pico to femtosecond pulse lasers [1]
    Blackbody temperature calculations from visible and newa-IR spectra for gas-fired furnaces [1]
    Characterization and Nondimensional Analysis of a Variable Speed Centrifugal Pump [1]
    Characterization of drillability of sandwich structure of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composite over titanium alloy [1]
    Characterization of mechanical properties and study of microstructures of friction stir welded joints fabricated from similar and dissimilar alloys of aluminum [1]
    Characterization of mechanical properties of fused deposition modeling manufactured polycarbonate composites [1]
    Chatter detection and prevention in high-speed milling [1]