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    Force control of a hydraulic servo system [1]
    Forced convection in nanofluids over a flat plate [1]
    Galilean moon tour using simplified trajectory computational techniques [1]
    A generalized approach for calculation of the eigenvector sensitivity for various eigenvector normalizations [1]
    Granular particle packing process study using DEM method [1]
    Helical tool geometry in stability predictions and dynamic modeling of milling [1]
    A high efficiency ejector refrigeration system [1]
    High strain properties of advanced high strength spot welded steels [1]
    High strain rate behavior of graphene reinforced polyurethane composites [1]
    Horizontal zinc oxide nanomaterials growth and their application for surface enhanced raman scattering [1]
    Hydraulic efficiency of a hydrostatic transmission with a variable displacement pump and motor [1]
    Hydro-mechanical analysis of low enriched uranium fuel plates for University of Missouri Research Reactor [1]
    Infiltration and solid-liquid phase change in porous media [1]
    Innovative design of metamaterial structures for elastic wave absorption and structural vibration suppression [1]
    An integrated approach for characterization of properties and mesostructure for FDM Ultem 9085 [1]
    Investigation into the pool-boiling characteristics of gold nanofluids [1]
    Investigation of fanless PCs: design and optimization [1]
    Investigation of flow behavior inside ejector pumps using finite difference technique [1]
    An investigation of nonlinear tip-sample force models for nanoindentation [1]
    Investigation of plasmaion vapor deposition (IVD) hybrid coatings for corrosion protection and plasma destruction of oral bacteria [1]