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    Damage inspection of isotropic/multi-layer plates by time-frequency analysis of Lamb waves
    Damping and stiffening forces of a squeeze-film between two plates
    Dental composites reinforced with zinc oxide nanofillers
    The Design and Analysis of a HA/PLA Pedicle Screw for Spinal Fusion
    The design and implementation of an endoscopic enabled mouth gag
    Design and optimization of a Mars sample return mission with nuclear thermal rockets
    Design and optimization of dissipative elastic metamaterials and their applications for broadband blast and shockwave mitigation
    Design and simulation analysis of MEMS parallel plate capacitor models for voltage conversion and power harvesting
    Design of a customized, semi-autonomous, single arm robotic manipulator for a hazardous environment
    Design of a water tower energy storage system
    Design of experimental apparatus for generation and measurement of an aerosol
    Design optimization and efficiency modeling of a hot gas vane motor
    Design, Analysis and Dynamic Phenomena of MEMS Capacitive Power Harvester
    The design, instrumentation, and validation of a multiphase shock tube facility
    Designing and modeling a split torque hydrostatic transmission in series with a manual transmission for an automotive application
    Developing and automating time delay system stability analysis of dynamic systems using the Matrix Lambert W (MLW) function method
    Developing new fitted closure approximations for short-fiber reinforced polymer composites
    Development and characterization of light weight laminated composite under impact loading
    Development and experimental benchmarking of numeric fluid structure interaction models for research reactor fuel analysis
    Development of a method for in vivo mechanical characterization of articular cartilage