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    Effect of chip thickness, sub-critical bifurcations and process parameters in high-speed milling
    Effect of diet properties on the degradation of cartilage in mandibular symphysis
    Elastic property prediction of long fiber composites using a uniform mesh finite element method
    Elastic property prediction of short fiber composites using a uniform mesh finite element method
    Electron emission thermal energy conversion
    Electrostatically actuated and bi-stable MEMS structures
    Evaluation of novel hovering strategies to improve gravity-tractor deflection merits
    Evaluation of using ferrofluid as an interface material for a field-reversible thermal connector
    Experimental and analytical study on two-phase impingement cooling with and without electric field
    Experimental and numerical investigation of subcritical bifurcations in milling
    Experimental design and modeling of a microscale differential thermal calorimeter for the purposes of cryopreservation
    Experimental investigation of a novel disc oscillating heat pipe and heat conduction effect on the startup of oscillating motion
    Experimental investigation of nanofluid oscillating heat pipes
    Experimental investigation of oscillating heat pipes
    Exploratory development of VARIM process for manufacturing high temperature polymer matrix composites
    Fabrication and characterization of heat flux sensor using polymer derived ceramics
    Factors affecting oscillating motion and heat transfer in an oscillating heat pipe
    Failure of transparent polymer composite laminated glass panels under impact loading
    A fault detection scheme for modeled and unmodeled faults in a simple hydraulic actuator system using an extended Kalman filter
    Finite Element Analysis of patient specific Sacroiliac joint