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    Galilean moon tour using simplified trajectory computational techniques
    A generalized approach for calculation of the eigenvector sensitivity for various eigenvector normalizations
    Granular particle packing process study using DEM method
    Heat and mass transfer of ambient air flowing over cold fins
    Heat transfer analysis in a finned heat sink embedded with two-phase heat pipes
    Helical tool geometry in stability predictions and dynamic modeling of milling
    A high efficiency ejector refrigeration system
    High strain properties of advanced high strength spot welded steels
    High strain rate behavior of graphene reinforced polyurethane composites
    Horizontal zinc oxide nanomaterials growth and their application for surface enhanced raman scattering
    Hybrid lattice Boltzmann and finite volume method for fluid flow and heat transfer simulations
    Hydraulic efficiency of a hydrostatic transmission with a variable displacement pump and motor
    Hydro-mechanical analysis of low enriched uranium fuel plates for University of Missouri Research Reactor
    Infiltration and solid-liquid phase change in porous media
    The influence of nanofiller particle size and surface treatment on dental composite
    Innovative design of metamaterial structures for elastic wave absorption and structural vibration suppression
    An integrated approach for characterization of properties and mesostructure for FDM Ultem 9085
    An investigation into gravity independent oscillating heat pipes
    Investigation into the pool-boiling characteristics of gold nanofluids
    Investigation of a flat plate oscillating heat pipe as a thermal spreader with centered heating