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    Rapid industrial furnace thermal modeling for improved fuel efficiency
    Reducing energy waste in centrifugal pump systems through the implementation of BEP optimized pressure and flow control
    Research and design of 5.4-inch diameter mold rotary press for coal log and biomass compaction
    Robust control design for a proportional valve with backlash compensation
    Saddle point of attachment in horseshoe vortex system
    Signal processing techniques for nonlinearity identification of structures using transient response
    Signal procession of single measurand for dynamical system identification
    Simulation of fuel system with features for controlling air bubble generated for aircraft application
    A single-sided access simultaneous solution of acoustic wave speed and sample thickness for isotropic materials of plate-type geometry
    Skydiving control system
    Specific bio-modeling and analysis techniques at cellular and systems level
    State space formulation of TFEA & uncharted islands of instability in milling
    The study and development of calcium phosphate bone cement and hydroxy apatite nanofibers
    Study of damping effects on double negative acoustic metamaterials
    The study of dental composites containing hydroxyapatite nanofillers
    The study of hydroxyapatite reinforced polylactic acid composites for orthopedic applications
    Study of micro-sized particle deposition using DEM, CFD-DEM and SPH approach
    A study of parametric excitation applied to a MEMS tuning fork gyroscope
    Superharmonic Responses of an Oscillator with Impact
    Synthesis and application of calcium phosphate fibers/whiskers