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    4D printing of stimulus-responsive polymeric materials
    Ab initio molecular dynamics study of nanoscale heat transfer and energy conversion
    Advanced analysis and design of polymer sheet extrusion
    Advanced analysis of short-fiber polymer composite material behavior
    Advanced guidance algorithms for the Ares V cargo launch vehicle
    Analysis and design of a hydraulic compaction machine to produce activated carbon pellets
    Analysis and modeling of direct selective laser sintering of two-component metal powders
    Analysis and optimization of electroformed dendritic structures as enhanced heat transfer surfaces
    Analysis of dual-phase ejector performance
    Analysis of heat transfer in subcooled metal powder subjected to pulsed laser heating
    Analysis of lubrication groove geometry
    Analysis of oscillatory flow and heat transfer in an oscillating heat pipe
    Analysis of Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy as a technique to evaluate material property changes
    Analysis of the Potential for Flow-Induced Deflection of Nuclear Reactor Fuel Plates under High Velocity Flows
    Applying and analyzing robust modern control on uncertain hydraulic systems
    Asymmetric responses in symmetrical structures
    Automated trajectory generation and guidance for a new launch vehicle flight phases
    An axisymmetric interfacial tracking model for melting-vaporization-resolidification in a thin metal film irradiated by pico to femtosecond pulse lasers
    Blackbody temperature calculations from visible and newa-IR spectra for gas-fired furnaces
    Broadband, reconfigurable and multifunctional elastic wave control with smart metamaterials