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    Benchmarking in virtual desktops for end-to-end performance traceability [1]
    Bioinformatics analysis and prediction of protein phosphorylation and other posttranslational modifications [1]
    Bioinformatics methods for protein identification using peptide mass fingerprinting data [1]
    Bounded rationality for BitTorrent networks [1]
    "Bring-your-own" plug-in management for next-generation science gateway applications [1]
    Building environmentally-aware classifiers on streaming data [1]
    Building hybrid multicast by combining IP and application layers [1]
    Building shape-shifting tries for fast IP lookup [1]
    Calculating information leakage using model checking tools [1]
    Capturing and managing daily symptoms data in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder using mobile technology [1]
    Characterizing low-dimensional phenotypes by clustering [1]
    ClaimChain: secure Blockchain platform for handling insurance claims processing [1]
    Classification of twitter trends using feature ranking and forward feature selection [1]
    Clinical content tracking system: an efficient request tracking via a graphical user interface [1]
    Combining shamir and additive secret sharing to improve efficiency of SMC primitives against malicious adversaries [1]
    A compact representation for 3D animation using octrees and affine transformation [1]
    Comparing TCP-IPv4TCP-IPv6 network performance [1]
    Complexity reduction and visualization tool for RDF knowledge network application in precision medicine [1]
    A comprehensive web-based platform for multi-omics data-driven phenotype prediction and marker discovery [1]
    Computational algorithms for predictive health assessments [1]