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    Dashboard design and usability study for geospatially enabled information seeking to assist pandemic response and resilience [1]
    Data analysis and prediction of protein posttranslational modification [1]
    Data analytics in sports : improving the accuracy of NFL draft selection using supervised learning [1]
    Data mining and machine learning methods for chromosome conformation data analysis [1]
    Data mining student activity patterns in an interactive activity-based STEM learning environment [1]
    Data processing system for a personnel walking activity [1]
    Data-driven 3D shape modeling [1]
    Decoder-learning based distributed source coding for high-efficiency, low-cost and secure multimedia communications [1]
    Deep heterogeneous superpixel neural networks for image analysis and feature extraction [1]
    Deep learning and DCT-based hand-crafted features for computer vision tasks [1]
    Deep learning architectures for 2D and 3D scene perception [1]
    Deep learning based nuclei detection for quantitative histopathology image analysis [1]
    Deep learning for small object detection in images [1]
    A deep learning method for protein model quality assessment [1]
    Deep learning methods for 360 monocular depth estimation and point cloud semantic segmentation [1]
    Deep learning-based solutions for electron microscopy image analysis [1]
    Deepnet : an extensible data acquisition and curation framework supporting computer vision deep learning research [1]
    Defeat data poisoning attacks on facial recognition applications [1]
    Defending deepfake detector against data poisoning attacks [1]
    Defining the undefinedness of C11 : practical semantics-based program analysis [1]