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    Heuristics for searching chemical structures [1]
    Hierarchical block based compressive sensing with Hadoop implementation [1]
    Hierarchical cloud-fog platform for data import from network-edge applications [1]
    A hierarchical time-indexed database for multi-modal derived sensor data using GPU-accelerated PostgreSQL [1]
    High-accuracy skin lesion segmentation and size determination [1]
    High-throughput analysis and advanced search for visually-observed phenotypes [1]
    High-throughput visual knowledge analysis and retrieval in big data ecosystems [1]
    IICON : identifying informative comments in online news [1]
    Image and video analysis techniques for cellular microscopy [1]
    Image matching and image super-resolution via deep learning [1]
    Implementing X.509 security certificate based authentication in a virtual organization [1]
    Improved computational methods of protein sequence alignment, model selection and tertiary structure prediction [1]
    Improvement of decoding engine & phonetic decision tree in acoustic modeling for online large vocabulary conversational speech recognition [1]
    Improving object recognition in aerial image and ambulatory assessment analysis by deep learning [1]
    Improving protein structure prediction by deep learning and computational optimization [1]
    In-memory distributed indexing for large-scale media data retrieval [1]
    Increase students learning effectiveness and promote active learning in sexual health and body image through VR technology [1]
    Indoor scene 3D modeling with single image [1]
    Influence of social media on performance of movies [1]
    Information fusion for robust detection of scarce features/objects in high resolution electro-optical satellite imagery [1]